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For many years I have been lucky enough to work as a floral designer. Creating beautiful arrangements using nature's palette as my guide. I loved combining all the different colors and textures but, as we all know, fresh flowers are to be admired briefly before they fade.

Creating with gems, crystals and metal allows me to combine dazzling colors and textures that can be enjoyed time and again, whether they are paired with a favorite outfit or just worn to brighten your day.

Colwyn Bay, North Wales


I give my sister full credit for naming The Colwyn Collection, but the story actually began in the 1980's. My husband and I had just returned from visiting a relative, living in the small village of Colwyn Bay, North Wales.  A beautiful seaside town with a long promenade, perfect for strolling, that overlooks the Irish Sea.  Once home, we adopted our first dog, and gave her a name that turned out to be very unique ... Colwyn Bay.  Colwyn was loving and patient, but most of all fun.

The Story Behind the Name:

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